Michael has spent 25 years working in the fields of design, carpentry, construction and conservation. Graduating in Sculpture from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, London, Michael was also awarded a scholarship to attend Syracuse University, New York, USA, to study Sculpture and Colour Photography.




Moving his focus to architecture and construction, Michael began working with architects Quay 2C, London, at it’s inception in 2000. Since then he has built and managed projects with Quay 2C, as well as building up a portfolio of retail and residential projects with many creative clients and designers, including the award winning Forster Inc., Jacqui Poncelet, architects Mackay+Partners, Sandy Rendel, Wayward - Farmopolis, Greenland Group and Future City - Ram Quarter, with projects both in the UK and across the United States. Michael continues to be a visiting lecturer on the Royal College of Arts’ Post Graduate Design


As Michael's environmental principles surfaced, most work undertaken was underpinned by a desire to build to as high a green standard as jobs would permit. Most recently undertaking projects with wildlife conservation groups such as London Wildlife Trust, and volunteering with both Umhverfisstofnun - The Environment Agency of Iceland at Vatnajokulthjodgardur - Skaftafell National Glacial Park, and Carpathian Wolf Watch in the Slovakian Tatras.