Making rooms from nowhere. By utilising landing space we created an unobtrusive en-suite shower room, without compromising space within the bedroom.


Phil & Becky's 2006.11.30

Phil & Becky's

Extending the ceiling height through the loft space allowed the shower to be top-lit from a Velux roof-light. Additional artificial light is hidden within the loft recess to maintain top-light at night.

The three-storey property’s only full bathroom consisted of a single-skinned ‘shoe box’ planted on top of the entrance hall’s roof.

To refurbish this space the entrance hall’s ceiling was lowered, eliminating an annoying couple of stairs between the main fabric of the house and the added ‘shoe box’.

A new roof was built to include a pop-up Velux skylight, that added desperately needed head height within the tiny space.

The front of the structure was fully insulated, a new bespoke window insulated, and finally clad externally with hung slates.