Having met Tim Ward at the age of 11, and grown with him both physically and metaphorically, played second row along side him, and sttod by his side in a little Welsh church, as best man at his wedding, it was a treat to have the oppurtunity to spend time working on his Cambridgeshire farm



Ward Farm Jetty Refurb 2014.06.22

Ward Farm Jetty Refurb

The majority of the existing jetty deck boards were rotten, and posed a danger to inquisitive children and pets. The family had done the hard work of stripping the jetty back to it's skelenton, meaning all new work demanded gymnastic skill and concentration 


The superstructure was inadequate for purpose, so additional joists wre doubled up with old, new cross joists were sandwiched around the existing posts, and additional posts driven into the pond's dark and muddy bed. Posts were cut from well seasoned salvaged telegraph poles. Much of the work had to be undertaken in waders, which was great fun, for a short while.


'Non-slip' reeded deck boards were fixed over the new structure, and the existing posts cut to more aesthetic heights. The Ward's wedding anniversary summer party was a fine oppurtunity to test the jetty as both boat launch, and area for quiet reflection with candle lit cocktails.