• Slick Slate lay-by dunny


     Who wouldn't want a rest stop hear? 

  • Atipelag Museum Värmdö


    Surprising what you can fund by selling a few BabyBjörn bouncers 

  • Ulvik Dam


    Post Troll-Tunga hike architectural road-trip beyond Ulvik, Norway 

  • Odda Smelteverk


     Amazing reinforced concrete clear-span

  • Dirty Dungeness


    Volunteering with the Marine Conservation Society on heir annual national beach clean & survey 

  • The Golden Pineapple


    Bonnie bench seating in the rear of The Golden Pineapple, The Old Truman Brewery. We accomplished an epic bar refurb in just 17 days

  • Junk Yard Golf Club


    Working with Helm Joinery and the team at Junk Yard Golf Club on an extraordinarily crazy golf project 

  • London Wildlife Trust Rainwater Gardens


    Installing the three oak planters on Milkwood Road, Herne Hill. Planting to follow shortly 

  • Back in black


    Lining the Oak Rainwater Garden planters for the London Wildlife Trust with an EPDM rubber liner 

  • Peter's Carabu Pergola


    Glazing the pergola constructed from workshop engineered T section Carabu timbers 

  • Iceland Iceland Baby


    Volunteering over the summer with the Enviroment Agency of Iceland at Skaftafell National Glacial Park . Camping half way up Kristinartindar, hiking to work, hiking to glaciers after work, hiking up mountains on our days off. Iceland blew my mind.

  • Alpine Apiary at Altitude


    Simply the most wonderful colourful surprise, Vanoise National Park, Rhône-Alps 

  • Peckham Fox Tracking


    Not as exciting as wolves, but nevertheless a neighbourhood fox left an impression on my concrete upstand for the double height glazed rear of The Slot House

  • Slovakian Brown Bears


     This is why we trained in what to do when you happen upon a bear! Fresh claw marks on a grain store

  • Carpathian Wolf Tracking


    Volunteering in the Slovakian Tatras. Citizen science for the Slovak Wildlife Society. Day 4 we tracked three wolves during the hunt of a red deer

  • Skylights


    Skylight openings seen at their best, fingers crossed for blue skies in the days to come 

  • Sub Woofer


    Harmer roof outlets, the whole roof drains through the centre of the house 

  • Douglas Fir Joists


    The exposed Douglas Fir ceiling joists are pinking up nicely, and the grain patterns of the Wisa spruce ply are mesmerising

  • Completed roof structure


    The roof structure is complete, with insulated curbs, skylight frames and drainage upstands all ready for insulating and asphalting by Bauder

  • For every problem...


    ...a solution 

  • MIG work on the slot house


    Final structural MIG welding on the Peckham Slot House, along with architectural infil plates to close steel sections exposed within the ceiling 

  • Winter working by halogens


    Joisting out and roof decking the Slot House

  • Slot House Commencement


    On site for the installation of the impressive steel frame from Ken Ware Engineers, for Sandy Rendel Architect's Slot House in Peckham 

  • Custom Filter


    Custom solutions for filtering run-off from the sedum roof at Bellenden Road 

  • Seasonal maintenance


     Time to check the rainwater harvesters for leaf litter build up

  • Slot Huse Pre-Fab


    The steel frame for the Peckham Slot House gets a test pre-fab at Ken Ware Engineers 

  • Log Lights


    Prototyping log lights, candle holders and flatpack ply tables for Ken Taylor at Quay2C Architects 

  • White Stripes


    Custom cutting jointing tapes for wetroom tanking 

  • Melissa Thompson's Fence


    Designer/Maker Melissa Thompson asked us to collaborate on her Black Oak fence, designed to allow excellent ventilation whilst giving a dramatic background for a fernery

  • Learning the ins and outs of a Wimsew


     Sew we meet again. Prototyping a cargo net platform for the VW T5

  • Short Sutherland MkV


     The sea plane which my Grandfather worked on as an engineer during his military career, tales from which taught me to tie your tools to yourself when working over water!

  • Installing underground Rainwater Harvesting IBCs


     Completeing the IBC bunker beneath the garden studio

  • Parquette complete


    Reclaimed parquette, reclaimed moundings, reclaimed fire surround, brand spanking new slate (Made from ancient shale and mudstone)

  • GR20 Eco loo


     Design details on an excellent foot powered eco toilet on Corsica's GR20

  • Fox Cubs vs Rainwater Harvesting


    During excurvations for a 2000 litre rainwater store, 2 curious fox cubs needed a helping hand climbing out the hole 

  • Kings Grove Plaster Works


    Restoring salvaged plaster moulding, from the Kings Grove plaster works, demolished 2004 to make way for Duggan Morris Architects hidden gem

  • Polishing Patterns


     Working slate for hearths in the parquette floor

  • Kings Grove Community Garden


    Funded by Southwark Council's Cleaner/Greener/Safer grant, awarded in 2014, Completed installation of the Kings Grove community garden rainwater harvester, with educational info graphics and covered bench 

  • Custom Gate Latch


    Gate latches for both Laundry Houses, machined from Camaru, a Northern South American hardwood, one of the buildings cladding materials

  • Prototyping Rainwater Harvester


     Mock up for community gardens rainwater harvester, calculating how much roof I can achieve in the limited space

  • Massive French Band Saw


    New addition to our woodworking machine shop 

  • Open House 2014


    My current project The Laundry Houses will be in Open House this year, along with Quay House, both Quay 2C Architect designs

  • Rainwater Diverter/Harvester


    Installed a custom rainwater diverter & harvester to help maintain the substantial sedum roof atop the Bellenden Road Project

  • Ward Farm Jetty Refurb


    A great opportunity to spend time on my friend's farm in Cambridgeshire. The existing jetty adjoined to the bird hide was rotten beyond the point of safe use. Stuctural alteration and augmentation, topped off with a non-slip oriented deck, have given the kids access to launch their pirate rafts and rowing boat with ease.

  • Bruno's Brixton Porch


    Structural cracking and separation of this ornate porch were repaired with resin bonded spiral ties externally, and within the 'ceiling' of the roof a steel frame anchors the porch back to the building. All work was conceal led whilst still allowing inspection access. 

  • Tromso International Film Festival Premier


    Our side project in the Arctic with Accomplished, The film Voices Of Sapmi, a documentry about the Transnational Indegenous Choir 'Sami Jienat' has it's premier at the Tromso International Film Festival


  • The Laundry Houses


    Joining the team working to build The Laundry Houses, follow our progess on the blog 

  • Froe Training with IOU


    Working practice to make green oak shakes & shingles with Institute Of Use's Mellisa Thompson

  • Open House 2013


    Quay 2c will be in this year's Open House, and one to check out - 16a King's Grove, a hidden treasure on my own street.

  • WooWoo New Design


    Installing the latest design of the Kazubaloo with WooWoo Waterless Toilets 

  • Community Garden Grant Awarded


    Southward Council's Greener Cleaner Safer programme have awarded me with a generous grant to instal a rainwater harvester in the King's Grove Community Gardens. The gardens don't have their own water supply, and the rainwater harvester will also be an oppurtunity to educate kids about water usage & conservation 

  • Institute Of Use HQ


    Our kind hosts on the Llysdinum Estate estate have given over their 1st floor for Institute Of Use facilities for the duration of the project 

  • Listening Ears


    Field trip to Denge in Kent, to finally see the 1928-1930 experimental sound mirrors after 19 years, since they first captured my imagination in conversation with Anderson Inge

  • Rainwater harvesting


    Stage 1, excavation is complete beneath the garden atelier, to accommodate 2000 litres of storage for rainwater to flush the house's toilets.

  • Tromso Library


    Getting to experience Scandinavian architecture in real life – rather than just in picture books.

  • Sami University College, Kautokeino, Norway


    A stunning building in the heartland of Sapmi (aka Lapland), by all accounts a delight to work and study within.

  • Reindeer fencing posts, Utsjoki, Finland


    Fascinating to see the same timber preserving techniques as the Japanese 'Shou-sugi-ban' used in Sapmi (aka Lapland). 

  • IBC Watertower


    Trialing IBC rainwater harvesting water tower for irrigating green roofs.

  • Scouting Trip to Powys, Wales


    On our scouting trip to Llysdinum Estate, Powys. Realising that parking may be an issue whilst working on the Fisherman's Hut.

  • Rhum WooWoo waterless toilet installation


    Working in glorious sunshine with WooWoo Waterless Toilets to install on the Hebridian island of Rum (Rhum) whilst the rest of the country is a washout, and you can see the overnight snow on neighbouring Skye.

  • Eco-Build 2012


    Great long list of seminars lined up, good to meet with John Little again – and many other interesting folks. Best experience exhibition floor in short blasts between seminars, many miles to cover...

  • Living roof


    Finally had the satisfaction of installing the wood burning stove (Defra approved for smokeless zones) through the bio-diverse living roof on the garden studio we built for designer and educat... More »

    Finally had the satisfaction of installing the wood burning stove (Defra approved for smokeless zones) through the bio-diverse living roof on the garden studio we built for designer and educator Melissa Thompson.

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  • Eden Project, Cornwall


    Weekend at the Eden Project in Cornwall, incredible how well established the planting has become. A great experience, and definitely influences the desire to build a geodesic dome of one's own.

  • Bellenden Road Green Roof


    Bellenden Road project's green roof showing the effect of sedum blanket (extensive) over the bio-diversity of an intensive roof, as on Printmaker's Studio.

  • Creating a mezzanine #1


    The Mezzanine office is made of re-used, up-cycled or recycled material, everything all the way down to desks and chairs, with the reinforced steel joist and the 300mm x 100mm timber joists be... More »

    The Mezzanine office is made of re-used, up-cycled or recycled material, everything all the way down to desks and chairs, with the reinforced steel joist and the 300mm x 100mm timber joists being the only new materials used, bar fixings.

    To comply with Network Rail regulations the new structure has to be completely autonomous of the arch, not the last time that I wished I could fix something into the walls!

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  • Creating a mezzanine #2


    After spending the first few months filling up the arch with tools and materials, I moved my energies towards building the Mezzanine, which would serve as office space for myself and hopefully others too. Cooper Assoc' structural engineers were asked to calculate an open span construction to leave the workshop below uninterrupted by columns or the like.

  • Now Running on my own biodiesel


    After running the van on biodiesel from a commercial processor in Blackfriars, I decided to buy a BioBuddy and process my very own locally sourced, locally brewed, locally combusted Peckham Biodiesel.

  • Eco-Refurbisher Conference


    Attending the Green Register's Eco-Refurbisher Conference, comes to Roots & Shoots in Kennington.

  • Barbican Exhibition


    Caitlin Elster meeting with the Barbican Art Gallery to organise the up-cycling of the exhibitions douglas fir into timber cladding, for the Printmakers Studio & Studio Petite.

  • M2 Gallery Screen


    Designed and installed M2 galleries projector mirror to screen films on the building staircase wall, for all to see from the street.

  • 'because I'm glad I done it'


    Thanks to Ken & Julia, contractor becomes exhibitor.