The only way to physically increase this archetypally small Victorian bathroom, without compromising any adjoining room, was to “steal” space from the external wall. This was achieved by painstaking structural alterations.

Combined with switching the original toilet and basin positions, that allowed for the toilet’s cistern to be concealed within the depth of the external wall, with back-lit storage shelves above.


Maude Road 2009.07.31

Maude Road

The bath was turned through 180˚ to give much-needed head space/storage.

The frame of the new bespoke timber window was concealed by the back-painted glass that lined the bath walls and bath head. The ceiling detail finished with a board-stop at the double-glazed white-laminate unit.

The overall glazed area within the bathroom wall increased almost four-fold, filling the formally drab space with bright defused daylight.