Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all relationships between you, the client, and Michael Tye Ltd. By commissioning us to work on a project, you agree to these terms in connection with our design and associated services.

Charging for our work

All projects will be given a written estimate in advance of the project commencing. The estimate will be based on how long we expect the project to take, in terms of days or weeks. It will also include the expected cost of bought-in and/or subcontracted goods, materials and services.

Unless we have agreed a fixed fee in advance, our work will be charged out on an hourly/daily basis.

The final cost of a project will sometimes vary from the original estimate supplied for a variety of reasons including;

• Changes made by the client to the project that we deem to be significantly different from the original brief.

• The client delaying, defaulting, or otherwise significantly disrupting the project and its agreed timescales.

• Unexpected increases in our overheads or expenses.

• Circumstances occurring that are not reasonably within our control.

We will advise you in writing if this occurs before charging further costs.

In connection with your project, we will charge you for any materials and services we buy in from outside suppliers. For most bought-in goods or services, we will charge you at cost plus a minimum 17.5 per cent handling fee, unless otherwise agreed. 

About our invoices

You must pay our invoices in full within 30 days of the invoice date. We may charge interest on any arrears not paid after 30 days, at the rate of two per cent of the outstanding balance each day until we have had payment in full. VAT is not added to final amounts, as Michael Tye Limited is not a VAT registered company.

Legal rights in the project work

We have the right, by writing to you, to cancel any commitments we have made;

• If you break any of your obligations under this agreement,

• If you substantially change or call a halt to a project while it is still in progress.

If you do break your obligations or if we cancel our commitments, you will immediately be responsible for paying any fees and expenses resulting from us carrying out your instructions up to the date of cancellation.

If you cancel a project, or place it on hold indefinitely, at any stage, we may invoice you in full;

• for all the work we have done up to that point, at our usual hourly rate,

• for any costs we face for outside supplies already ordered for the project.

Portfolio Work

The client agrees to allow Michael Tye Limited to place websites, logos, print material and other designs, along with a link to the client's site on our own website for demonstration purposes, and to use any designs for our own publicity. 

Our right to sub-contract

We are entitled to sub-contract any of the work to be carried out on your project.


Michael Tye Limited makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, for any and all products and/or sub-contracted services that it supplies. Michael Tye Limited will not be held responsible for any and all damages resulting from products and/or sub-contracted services it supplies, and is not responsible for any loss of whatever cause. While we take reasonable steps to investigate the materials we recommend, we accept no responsibility for the performance or quality of materials or any consequential loss arising from their failure. Michael Tye Limited reserves the right to use the services of sub-contractors, agents and suppliers and any work, content, services and usage is bound by their Terms and Conditions. Michael Tye Limited will not knowingly perform any actions to contravene these and the client also agrees to be so bound.

Acceptance of Estimate and Terms and Conditions

The placement of an order for design and/or any other services offered by Michael Tye Limited constitutes acceptance of the estimate and agreement to comply fully with all the Terms and Conditions, and forms a Contract for Business between the client and Michael Tye Limited.